“Let us not, dear friends, forget our dear friends the cuttlefish.”


Close up of a cuttlefish head, showing the wel...

Close up of a cuttlefish head, showing the well developed eye. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tricky Cuttlefish Put on Gender-Bending Disguise

I’m a huge fan of mimicry in nature, and the cuttlefish has some impressive displays. This article talks about the disguised displays male cuttlefish do sometimes when courting a female. If there is one other male cuttlefish around, the male displaying for the female will split his body in two by color patterns. The side he displays to the female will be a male courtship pattern, while the side exposed to the other male in the area is colored like a typical female cuttlefish. This way the male has more time to court the female, while the unsuspecting second male believes that there are two females swimming together. The color displays and camouflage exhibited by cuttlefish is really remarkable. Here is a good youtube video that talks a little more about the coloration of cuttlefish:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x-8v1mxpR0. It doesn’t show the coloration mentioned in the article, but the article has a pretty cool pic of the mimicry in action. So, listen to Captain Jack Sparrow and don’t forget about the cuttlefish!! They are pretty amazing and definitely the best colored and biggest brained prey out there!


Wiki Commons: Leonard Low


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