FTW! Forest Tiger Win!

Another Win For Forest Tigers

I wanted to post this article because I think a lot of people think that they can’t do anything to really help the environment/wildlife from the comfort of their homes. But what I was trying to show with some earlier posts is that there definitely is a supply-demand dynamic in the stores. This article from WWF’s Focus Newsletter (a really good newsletter with other fun short articles in them) shows that people boycotting certain brands at the store makes a difference. In February 2012, WWF started a campaign to get grocery stores to remove Paseo brand toilet paper from their stores because it was made by fiber supplied by a company devastating the rain forests of Sumatra. Because of people signing petitions and putting pressure on grocery stores, it became a reality! This was no small feat considering Paseo was the fastest growing brand of toilet paper in 2011. The article also gives a link you can use to list places you happen to find the brand still being used.

I recommend you continue reading through the newsletter, as it has some very cool articles in there. The tiger article made me look further into petitions that are available for anyone to sign. Consequently, I made a “Wildlife Petitions” page on my blog where you can search for different petitions you want to support. I have some petitions categorized by sponsors as well, including WWF. So the moral of the story would be to keep a lookout when you’re shopping for companies that support/ endanger the environment. Your purchases make a difference! Off the top of my head, you could sign up for wind energy in your home or switch to Dawn dish soap. I will work on finding other companies that support wildlife causes and making a page, but I hope you enjoyed the article! Tigers FTW!

Wiki commons: Kabir Bakie

Wiki commons: Kabir Bakie





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