What Did You Bring? Sea Turtles…

Ok. I’m not going to lie. I’m kind of super busy tonight with some applications, but I still wanted to post something. It’s more of a fun, crafty post centered around the fact that I love baking and sea turtles.

Squirt Happy Turtlecakes

I made these sea turtle cupcakes for people at the aquarium I interned at. We mainly rehabbed sea turtles, so I thought it was fitting at the time. Maybe if you are hosting a marine biology lecture, study session, or a Finding Nemo party and want to awe people with something other than cheese and crackers, this could be it! They are a little labor intensive, but they are kind of difficult to completely mess up if you follow the directions. Always a plus! As you can see, MY sea turtle cupcakes pictured below are only moderately more “special” than the pictures on the website. And it’s also always a minor win when everyone knows what the figures on the cupcakes are actually supposed to be. So with that being said, good luck on your baking adventure and I will have an actual wildlife post up for tomorrow hopefully!

Sea Turtle Cupcakes!


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