“It’s Time For ‘Climate’ Change”

10 Ways Obama Could Fight Climate Change

This article is from today and offers ten different options Obama could initiate to help fight climate change. (These are not Obama’s actual plans, just what scientists think he should work on.) I list them below. The article elaborates on each one. It is obvious that different people will rank different topics as the most vital, but I think the article does a good job going over the main issues climate change is facing today. I’m not very good with politics, but I’m trying to improve. Hence, I thought an article about how politics and environment intersect would be educational for me. I don’t have much to say about this article because I don’t have a strong enough background in these topics to really make any insightful additions. However, I do agree with number 10 immensely. I’m glad Obama spent so much time talking about environmental issues. Hopefully, he follows through with his plans to improve the environment. I was shocked that only 49% of people thought global warming is real. I’m not even talking about whether it is an issue or not. Just real. I hope Obama’s support for environmental action rubs off on the other 51% of America. I’m also personally pushing for number 4, especially because it seems like Obama wouldn’t have to jump through very many hoops to do it.

1. Sunset coal with new incentives and regulations.

2. Invest federal stimulus money in nuclear power.

3. Kill the Keystone pipeline.

4. Protect the oceans by executive order.

5. Experiment with capturing carbon.

6. Grow government research for new energy sources.

7. Tax carbon.

8. Dial back the federal government’s energy use.

9. Build a scientific clearinghouse for climate information.

10. Keep talking.



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