Can Jaguars See the Forest Through the Mine?

Hurdles Remain for Jaguar Habitat

This article is about a current debate going on pertaining to jaguar habitat allocation. The three key players in the issue are the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Rosemont Mining Company. The habitat under discussion is 838,000 acres in Southern Arizona and New Mexico. With an area almost the size of Rhode Island, it is not surprising that land-usage debates are arising. Rosemont wants to use part of the land for a mine, which biologists see as infeasible because of the need to avoid further fragmenting jaguar habitat. The plus side is that this habitat allocation appears to have major support AND it would protect a habitat range that also includes ten other endangered species. I’m all about endangered species “piggy backing” on other endangered species. Lots of endangered animals or insects do not have the “cuteness factor” required to evoke strong support from the general population. Hence, why I’m all about jumping on the “panda bandwagon.” Even though pandas are not extremely useful animals, there is no denying they are ridiculously cute and can bring in money and support that could be used for other endangered species protection as well. Getting off that tangent train… It is apparent that more information is needed before the most responsible decision can be made in the matter of the jaguar habitat. However, the “lone ranger” behavior of jaguars makes obtaining data on them difficult. I hope the companies come to a reasonable conclusion and that, even if it’s not the most optimal decision for the jaguars, it might help some “piggy backers.”

For Fun: In case you don’t believe me about the pandas being adorable, I will include this youtube link I saw today. I guarantee it will make you smile. πŸ™‚

Jaguar. Wiki Commons: Lea Maimone

Jaguar. Wiki Commons: Lea Maimone


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