I Think, Therefore I Swim

First Footage of a Thought’s Formation is of the Ever-intelligent Fish

Researchers Capture a Zebrafish’s Thought Process on Video

Ok, I really wanted to share these links too! I’ll try to take a break from neurology articles after this. The links are two different websites for the same study but with different footage. The images are super cool. Researchers in Japan believe they recorded the neural activity of a thought! The study was done on a zebrafish larvae looking at some prey. The researchers had some neat areas of the brain light up in response to the prey. I don’t have too much commentary on this, just wanted to share. I think the research isn’t super definitive because it is difficult to tell what the fish is actually thinking. If we employed this kind of technology on people we would be able to correlate exactly what neural patterns are used when we see or think something and how the neural patterns are connected. I know fMRI machines can look at human brain activity, but I don’t think it is as specific as this fish study because of the complex nature of human brains. I think researchers only get general areas of the human brain to light up in fMRI machines. Anyway, I think this is super exciting. The idea of being able to see the formation of a thought is really mind-blowing stuff, to me at least.

Zebrafish. Wiki Commons: Kristof vt

Zebrafish. Wiki Commons: Kristof vt


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