Pygmy Elephant Problems Are Not So Small

Deaths of Pygmy Elephants Sparks Concern in Malaysia

This is a depressing but important article. It’s about pygmy elephants dying from what is expected to be poison. Apparently poisoning elephants is very common in Malaysia. Pygmy elephants have recently been dying on the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve in northeastern Borneo. Poisoning the elephants is most likely an attempt to make the land safe for farming. The elephants have caused some damage to farmers and villagers, but this doesn’t seem to happen very frequently. The Sabah Wildlife Department has set up a joint task force to investigate the elephant deaths. The landscape in Sabah may be converted to farmland. However, it seems that many groups oppose this change because it would further fragment the habitat and have an immense negative impact the endangered elephants. It is obvious that a good, long-term solution is needed to appease both the villagers and the elephants. This is very depressing news. I find it difficult to believe that people would intentionally poison elephants. However, if the elephants are causing massive damage to crops, I can see some farm owners getting desperate. Better protection of farms and crops would eliminate people feeling the need to take matters into their own hands. I hope the groups don’t just try to fence in the elephants. I think a solution that involves the people and elephants cohabiting would be the best and most natural. Maybe the groups can come to a solution like reimbursing the farmers and villagers for their losses, but that would also not be a long-term solution. Just my ramblings. Intense article worth a read.



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