Sea Turtle Tale

Giant sea turtle gets prosthetic flippers

Recently, I found this video and loved it. I connected it with the “Dolphin Tale” story about Winter the dolphin’s prosthetic tail. It’s an amazing video about a Loggerhead sea turtle in Japan that has been fitted with artificial flipper technology! It has some pretty awesome footage! The 212-pound sea turtle, Yu, is trying out her 27th pair of artificial front flippers. The current flipper design is fashioned from rubber “limbs” and a soft vest that can slip over Yu’s head. The aquarium curator believes Yu lost 1/3 of her right limb and 1/2Β  of her left flipper from a shark attack. The aquarium has been trying to fit Yu with super flippers since 2008. Apparently, other researchers have tried to fit sea turtles with prosthetic flippers as well but without much success. Yu’s flippers are currently the best and most durable prototype for a sea turtle prosthetic to date. It’s super cool how far scientists are going to try to provide non-releasable animals the best quality of life possible. I’m sure there are some nice media and business perks as well, but it’s still nice.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle With Normal Front Flippers. Wiki Commons: Ukanda

Loggerhead Sea Turtle With Normal Front Flippers. Wiki Commons: Ukanda


5 responses to “Sea Turtle Tale

      • Wow where did you intern??? I am currently studying journalism at Arizona State University but I have been thinking of going back to my original passion: nature. Although I have done several internships with media and news, I would like to do an internship in relation to conservation. Maybe that would clear up my mind about what career field to go into.

      • I interned at Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida and loved it. I would definitely agree with you on interning or volunteering. I think it’s important to try different things and figure out what you really enjoy doing/ have a passion for. Good luck with that!

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