A Real Life Phoenix

Survival of Injured Baby Golden Eagle in Utah Wildlife Called ‘Amazing’

Wildlife rehabilitation article! It’s about a baby golden eagle that got caught in a Landfill Fire and was presumed dead. The man who banded the baby eagle a few weeks before the fire returned to collect what he thought would be a charred band. Instead, he found a severely burnt baby eagle, which he brought to a rehabilitation facility. The flightless baby most likely jumped out of the nest, fell 25 feet, and then rolled about 100 feet. The eagle had burns all over her body, meaning at one point in time she was completely engulfed by flames. The fighting bird was named Phoenix in reference to the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. Rehabilitators are hoping to release Phoenix back into the wild, but it is too early to tell how much follicle damage there was. If Phoenix’s feathers cannot regrow properly, she may not be able to be released.

My favorite imagery from the article was trying to picture an eagle doing hydrotherapy. I was shocked that the eagle had to remain scorched and alone in the area for several days while authorization was being obtained to admit her to care. I did like the tidbit though about the parent eagles still trying to provide care for the baby by bringing her food. I also enjoyed watching Phoenix’s story on the video. It’s a sad but heart-warming story. The article was from last year, and I can’t seem to find a followup article about whether Phoenix was able to be released. Still a good story about wildlife rehabilitation though.

Golden Eagle. Wiki Commons: Tony Hisgett

Golden Eagle. Wiki Commons: Tony Hisgett


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