National Wildlife Week!

National Wildlife Week, March 18-24, Celebrates “Branching Out For Wildlife”

This week is the National Wildlife Federation’s National Wildlife Week! This year the NWF is stressing the importance of trees for wildlife and people. The article is mainly about wildlife education and ideas for children, but it also has fun facts about trees. I liked these:

– “In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.”

– “Trees reduce UV-B exposure by about 50 percent…”

Here is another website with some more interesting facts about trees. My faves:

– “Hospital patients heal faster, require shorter stays and less painkillers if room windows face trees.”

– “Yew leaves may help in treatment of cancer. A drug called Taxol can be produced from them.”

I know we always stress protecting endangered animals, but it’s important to remember that plants and trees make it possible for life to exist in the first place. I’m glad that the CITES meeting made some advancements for trees. It’s easy to overlook trees when we think about the conservation issues facing pandas or tigers. Trees don’t have the same “cuteness factor” going for them as sea otters. So, make an effort this week to recognize and appreciate the importance of your favorite flora! Start growing a tree or buy an indoor plant this week!

My pic!

My pic!


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