Safari, The Safe Way

A Wildlife Safari on Your Computer

This article lists some websites that offer live webcams of wildlife, such as bald eagles, osprey, and wolves. It also has links to rainforest and waterhole cameras. There are lots of these types of websites/cameras set up around the world, but I wanted to post this article because it compiled some of the better webcam sites in one place. You can also try Wild Earth. It has several different cameras to choose from.

The tricky thing about wildlife is that it’s wild! It might take some time for you to see anything interesting on these video streams. You will probably have the best luck watching cameras set up in wildlife enclosures, but while I was on the Djuma Waterhole Cam, the camera was zoomed in on the water and I thought the video was messed up until a hippo popped right out of the water! I got a great close-up of the hippo before it sunk back under the water. The camera stayed on the water for several minutes so I was able to watch the hippo take a few more breaths. It was really neat. So, if you need some extra motivation getting through the day, maybe you can pull up a mini screen and scope out some wildlife while you work! Because sometimes that safari experience you planned isn’t always a good idea…

Orana Wildlife Park. Wiki Commons: Greg Hewgill

Orana Wildlife Park. Wiki Commons: Greg Hewgill


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