Hooray! It’s Earth Day!

Earth Day 2013: Innovations in Clean Tech Are Transforming How We Do Everything

Happy Earth Day! Do something nice for your Mother Earth today! This article talks about neat gadgets that are helping people conserve energy, water, and money!

1. The Learning Thermostat – It can adapt to your “comfort level” and change when you are away or asleep.

2. Water Pebble – It keeps track of your “water allowance” by alerting you with lights.

3. Environmental Impact Labels – These can help you spend your dollars more sustainably. There are apps for phones that can show sustainability ratings for products in the store.

Blue Marble composite images generated by NASA...

Blue Marble composite images generated by NASA in 2001 (left) and 2002 (right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reducing energy and water consumption by companies, factories, large buildings, etc. is also critical for a healthy environment. These are three example ways of doing that:

1. Energy Management Software – These systems can give lots of information about energy consumption. Some programs can even tell you how much energy each appliance in a building is using at any time.

2. Water Management – We need to find a balance between water efficiency and energy. Tons of energy is wasted moving water: “Water-related energy use in California also consumes approximately 20 percent of the state’s electricity.”

3. Supply Chain – Make sure you try to shop at stores or buy from companies that are supporting more sustainable business practices.

Obviously there are other amazing ways to help the environment that are simple (i.e. RECYCLING!) “Only 8 percent of the plastic generated was recovered for recycling.”

If you are curious about your carbon footprint, you can visit this website (it’s also listed under my “cool links” page). By answering some simple questions about your living situation, travel, food, etc. the program will calculate your carbon footprint and give you ideas on how to reduce it. It’s interactive and you don’t have to make an account. I really suggest trying this out!

My Pic! Switzerland!

My Pic! Switzerland!


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