UFOs: Underwater Fish Oddities

Amazing Underwater ‘Crop Circles’ Spun by Japanese Puffer Fish

An underwater photographer snapped a picture of a mysterious ocean circle off the coast of Japan. The intricately designed circle was more than six feet in diameter. The circles were naturally compared to crop circles some people believe are created by aliens or UFOs. However, the master architect behind these underwater circles is a tiny puffer fish (which type of fish is not stated, but there are some pictures). The persistent male puffer fish makes these amazing designs using only his fins to move the sand. However, the puffer fish was also observed crushing up shells and accenting the circle with them. Like all extreme displays by males in the animal kingdom, its function is to attract a female. Female puffer fish mate with the male and lay their eggs in the center of the circle, where the eggs are better protected from currents and predators because of the grandiose grooves. Furthermore, not surprisingly, “the males that created more intricate circles attracted the most females.” Hence, puffer fish prove they are more than just a potential delicacy! I think it is also a good example for perseverance, or how little things can end up making a big difference. Maybe puffer fish will be on motivational posters soon!

Puffer Fish. Wiki Commons: Uploader1977

Puffer Fish. Wiki Commons: Uploader1977



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