Rhino Rehabilitation & Rumors

Orphan Rhino Struggles to Survive After Poachers Kill Mother

This article is from a month ago, but I had to post it because I think there are few things cuter than a baby rhino. Unfortunately, this baby rhino fell into a bad predicament because of poaching. The massive number of rhino deaths this year has led to an influx in orphan, baby rhinos. The article is about WWF gaining two rhino calves for rehabilitation, one orphaned and one translocated rhino . The orphaned calf is reported to be doing well and rehabilitators are hoping a successful release is in the future. This article lists Vietnam as a major contributor to the increase in demand for rhino horn.

I love reading about wildlife rehabilitation, but it makes me sad that it’s necessary. The poaching issue is horrible, but biologists are trying several strategies to engender change (i.e. enforcement, dyeing horns). However, it’s obvious not much will change until popular demand is diminished. The article mentions that Vietnam has done little to dispel rumors about the medical benefits of rhino horn (i.e. can cure cancer or hangovers). I know there are many campaigns aimed at unhinging the traditional concepts of medicine (most of which involve endangered animal parts) that many countries still hold. Hopefully new advances in technology and medicine will eliminate the need for people to want to resort to traditional medicines.

Indian Rhinos. Wiki Commons: Kristof vt

Indian Rhinos. Wiki Commons: Kristof vt


2 responses to “Rhino Rehabilitation & Rumors

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  2. Press on my firend, your reports of these animals is disheartening, but necessary, thank you!

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