Wise Words From Water

The Hidden Messages in Water

It’s summer! Not that that really matters for a graduate student, but oh well!

I doubt I’ll be much better about posting now that my research is in full swing, but I can dream. The link I listed above is to a book I just finished reading. It’s super short and a good read. It’s written by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher who studies the properties of water. Mainly, Dr. Emoto exposes water to different words, songs, or thoughts and documents their frozen crystalline structure. The results are pretty stunning. Here is a short VIDEO that highlights a few pictures. Basically, if water is exposed to positive energy, it forms beautiful structures. Similarly, negative energy words, songs, and phrases have the opposite effect. Dr. Emoto also mentions a rice experiment in his book to show the power of positive thoughts. I haven’t tried it yet, but this VIDEO gives you the gist. Maybe it will be a summer project!

I would really recommend the book. I think a lot of Dr. Emoto’s work is about things people intuitively understand, but science had yet to prove. I will warn you though, if you are a strict Facts Only scientist, you might not totally appreciate the book. Dr. Emoto took some liberty in parts of the book (e.g., specific interpretations of the pictures). The main point still stands, but you may interpret it as Dr. Emoto “stretching” some of his results. In summary, be positive! I will try to keep this in mind as well as my research progresses. Have a great weekend!


Snowflake under a scanning electron microscope

Snowflake under a scanning electron microscope


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